Finding a permanent solution is our ultimate goal!

Mikrotip Canada Inc. was incorporated in 2012 with a vision to provide simple solutions to any of our customer’s problems. Our first offering was to provide CNC manufacturing services, this led to the design and manufacturing of our own product line, first with pressure control Glands and continuing with our e-line products line. These 2 product lines has been used not only in Canada but it has also been used in Argentina, New Zealand, Indonesia, USA, Colombia and Peru.

Due to the volatility of the oil and gas market Mikrotip explored diversifying opportunities, working with our existing customers this led to search and procure services, that was in 2015 now we have established a supply chain network, from China, South America and Europe.

We find and procure for our customers anything from industrial equipment, Vehicles, to specialty tools for oil and gas, mining and power generation.  Now, we have added other products that we find and trade, products like caned foods, frozen foods, etc.

One more area where we have diversified is by entering the transportation industry, with our partner we created Circular Logistics Inc. Circular is currently in the business of transporting grain in Alberta, in the near future our goal is not only to transport the commodity but also to trade it.

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